Ayurvet Limited

Ayurvet Limited – Spreading the essence of Nature globally
Ayurvet is one of the leading animal health care company. Since inception in 1992, Ayurvet Limited has been proactively working using the traditional knowledge and validating research on scientific platform. Our R & D initiatives are aimed towards developing sustainable innovative, cost effective solutions. Today, our animal health care specialities have strong acceptability in India and abroad.  We have more than 470 published scientific papers on our specialities. Ayurvet markets its products in not only in India but also exports its products in more than 30 countries across the globe. The product offered by Ayurvet are having strong R&D backup with proper support of scientific trials. The Manufacturing facility at Ayurvet is WHO-GMP, EU-GMP and ISO-9001:2008 complied. Unique range of Ayurvet includes Herbal Liver Tonic, Anti-stress, Mycotoxin Binder and Bio-Neutralizer, Anti-Mastitis, Natural Vitamin C, Methionine, Choline & Biotin. For more information visit


Ayurvet is now diversifying into newer areas of hydroponics, biogas and cultivation of medicinal plants etc. Ayurvet the truly green company by birth and is strongly focused towards the cause of sustainable integration of soil, agriculture, livestock and human health for enhancing the socio-economic status of the rural farmers.

Ayurvet Research Foundation

Ayurvet Research Foundation started in November 2005. The main objective was to develop groundbreaking technology for the farming community and disseminate the technology in a manner that the target population can derive the intended benefit. We began with a focus on fodder development and animal health management. These are two challenges that stand in the way of growth of the dairy sector which is a source of livelihood for majority of the rural families.

In 2006 we began research on Hydroponics fodder production technology and its first prototype was ready in 2008. Simultaneously, we started a radio programme “Ayurvet Pashujagat” on All India Radio to discuss the common problems faced by dairy farmers. This programme has listeners in Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. M. J. Saxena, Trustee of ARF gave an idea called 5F (Food, Feed, Fodder, Fuel and Fertilizer) in 2006. The 5F concept implies that farming should not be about monoculture, it should be diversified. Crop cultivation and livestock must be integrated to achieve the maximum benefit at minimum cost – financial as well as environmental. All the ingredients needed for successful farming are available on the farm itself. 5F is now our guiding principle.

Ayurvet Research Foundation now has the following activities under its wings through various departments:

  • Research on livestock productivity, health and nutrition management.
  • Research on crop cultivation technology which includes development of nursery of crops    using hydroponics technology and biodynamic agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship development programme through ARF institute of animal husbandry and entrepreneurship development which is certified by IGNOU
  • Breed Improvement programme in Haryana through ARF Animal Health Centre
  • Waste to wealth programme encompassing Biogas technology and vermicomposting of farm waste
  • Germplasm conservation and contract farming of medicinal plants
  • Mobilization of farmers through farmers’ clubs and self help groups.


Our efforts have been recognized by various agencies. We were awarded the Water Digest award and National Education and Human Resource Development Award in 2009. NABARD awarded us the best NGO award in 2013 and 2014.

Our research and community development project are supported by Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ganesh Scientific Research Foundation (GSRF), Delhi University, World Buffalo Trust and IIT Delhi.

Ayurvet AGES (Ayurvet Alternate Green Energy Solutions)

“The future wars are going to be fought for energy”

Ayurvet Green Energy Solutions (AGES) is a unique initiative taken by Ayurvet Ltd which is a premier animal health care company specializing in herbal formulations. It is an off shoot of Dabur – the parent Organization. AGES is continuously shaping projects towards making world a better and greener place to live in. We here are focusing Alternative Eco friendly technologies that can give us a better sustainable tomorrow. One of the most alarming problem of today is the unavailability of technology where it is needed most. World is having technology but failing to pull out these from laboratory to point of its application. AGES would be the facilitator in reducing the gap between missing link and point of its application.

Our area of concern includes
Biomass, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, Hydroponics etc. Biomass as a gateway to Green energy for sustainable tomorrow. Biomass can be effieciently utilised in two ways:-
1.  Bio-Methanation

  •  Clean Fuel availability
  •  Organic manure availability
  • Carbon Credit Benefit

2. Biogasification
Our “AGES’s mission is to leader in providing sustainable eco-friendly technologies to the farmers. Our aim is to provide alternative fuel today and transform the source to most widely accepted source of energy in tomorrow’s world.

Availability of energy at all times in various forms, in sufficient quantities, and at a affordable prices
In the above process we will be making adequate profit, which is essential for the perpetual existence of the organization and is required for the growth of the organization.

We have chosen rural and suburb areas as target of our product and services. Our main client would be dairy and poultry farmers for biogenerators and biogasifiers. Majority of them lies in Rural places. We will also customize the product suiting to rural middle class.