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Dr. Arun K. Bahl

17519 Jetton Road,Cornelius,
North Carolina 28031(USA)

Dr Arun Kr. Bahl is a veterinarian,a scientist, Educator and an Entrepreneur. He has done his Bvsc & AH from Pantnagar and Masters and Doctorate from University of Minnesota .His thesis work was on “Epizootiology of influenza A infections of the avian species with special reference to turkeys, migratory waterfowl,
gulls and free-flying wild birds.”

His areas of Interest are Viral etiology and transmissibilty of respiratory disease infections in animals, avian respiratoty infections, Influenza and respiratory infections of porcine and equine species. He has been
associated with University of Minnesota as research associate and teaching associate. Till date he has presented 38 scientific papers in various Universities around the world and has 18 publications to his credit.

He has been the member of Poultry Health Advisory Committee toCommisioner of Agriculture, North Carolina Department of Agriculture. He is a member of American Association of Avian Pathologists, National
Turkey Federation, American Veterinary medical Association, World Poultry Science Association, American Association of Industrial Veterinarians.

He has been the Director of Veterinary Medicine, Cuddy farms Inc which is the largest Turkey breeding and hatching egg organization .He has been the President of Animal Health Division, Immudyne Inc Texas and is the Chief Executive Officer, Immudyne Inc, Kentucky from 2003 to present.

He is also the owner of Two large turkey production units .
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